Wholesale Order Form

Welcome to the Lay-n-Go Wholesale Order Form!

This form is for pre-approved vendors only.  If you have not been approved as a vendor,
please fill out the form on the right. 

For our pre-approved vendors, please carefully follow the instructions below: 

1:  Save the Wholesale Order Form (Current Version: 01292019) to your computer.

Lay-n-Go Wholesale Order Form2:  Open the file, fill out all the information, and save the file to your computer.

3:  Email your completed form to:  orders@layngo.com

4:  We will follow up with an email or phone confirmation.

Please Note: 
For future orders, we suggest you simply review the saved file you submitted previously to ensure all information is accurate, change the date, and update the quantities of products needed.  Just resave the file as a different file name and submit the wholesale order form to orders@layngo.com.


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